Tuesday, July 11, 2006

It is undisputed that ancient cultures took drugs in varying forms and some still do today as there right to express there cultural freedom and explore there spirituality, so it is of no surprise that western or should I say western religious society,i.e. white middle class predominately government associated who being in some form of liberated denial frowned on such exploration and self indulgence, I understand the damage caused to those who have become addicted to particular substances, of which the governments have not been able to tax, not for lack of want. But I put to you that being able to take drugs in a controlled manner and in a clean and safe environment,not from a street dealer but from an agent some what like a chemist. Would allow the general population to decide for it's self if a substance was at all harmful or desired to be taken, after all isn't it about freedom of choice?, are we not responsible for our on existence,.

Should we not take away the criminal element and introduce a tolerant society.
I've traveled to some interesting places on this amazing planet and been confronted with the prospect of jail simply because I've had a picture of a plant deemed illegal, a plant? And I've been to countries where you can step into a cafe in a main street and have a joint without the fear of a lengthy period behind bars.

A recent poll on advertising I was listerning to the other day told me that by not advertising I would want something even more, sounds strange apparently its true. So one could argue that by not informing the public of the merits of social drug taking and only focusing on the bad points will make me want to take drugs..? Maybe,

But lets face it not everyone wants to indulge in such activity, in fact the majority once tried various drugs never feel the need to try them again. WHY because they are responsible people who have made a choice about their own life.

Do I want to see everyone take drugs, no.
But at least we as supposabley free thinking people should have the choice and the right to make those choices ourselves.

I worry for my children that through pair pressure and the intolerance and narrow mindedness of those in power to provide correct unbiased information, that they would be pulled into a situation where the simple act form by curiosity would be deemed criminal.

I can only hope I've taught them well.

Oh and by the way some of those A list drugs are very nice at the right time in the right environment.
If you are thinking of exploring this part of life get all the information you can about what ever it is you want to do , be with a friend and be safe.

And if your not sure, don't.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Family matters

It was the first time I'd been on an airplane so I was very excited.
I'd never been out of the town I was born in before and now I was going to be traveling through the sky to another Island.
I got to the airport and the hostess very nicely asked to see my ticket and directed me towards the right gate. I felt very important.
There where all sorts of people there but not all of them seemed that pleased to be getting on a airplane, come on I thought where going to be flying soon how cool is that.
Taking off was a bit scary the speed pushed me back into my seat and I wondered if the whole airplane was going to shack to bits or just blow up because it was very noisy.
But the airplane didn't explode or fall to pieces and I was flying, very fast .

Looking out of the window I could see all the houses and trees everything looked like a painting, little cars zooming along the now little roads.
I could see paddocks and sheep, horses and cows all seemed motionless like I was going into another time. The mountains where amazing I'd never seen anything like it, I thought about how I would be to be the first one to see into the valleys and what was the best way to go if we crashed.

The hostess came along and I got a tray with all sorts of food and a drink, she was pretty and I remember thinking she smelt like flowers. Soon we where going to land I couldn't see where because there where lots of trees and there didn't look like much room to be landing on anything. The captain said we had made good time so we would be arriving early.

The airplane bumped a bit as we landed and the engines made heaps of noise but we still didn't blow up.
I walked down the steps and could feel the warm sun and wind in my face the air smelt different somehow.
I was very excited I was going to meet someone I hadn't seen since I was 5 years old,
I expected to see them waving at the gate and coming to give me a big hug, well I was early so maybe they where just inside.

I went to get my bag everyone was pushing so I waited until they had sorted themselves out .
My bag was the last one there I still couldn't see anyone I knew so I sat on top of my suitcase outside the main door of the airport.
A lady stopped and asked me if everything was ok I said I was just waiting for someone.

Half an hour later most of the people had gone and I was still there.

After a while a man came up to me and ask if I was Paul I said yeah, he said well you better come with me then.

I didn't get a big hello or a hug It wasn't how I imagined it would be.

I was 10 years old the man was my father.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Have a laugh

At any time of the day we could be faced with the decision of whether or not we lie, fib, tell a porky, stretch the truth or simply disregard it all together for a more exciting explanation.

I happened to enjoy the odd lie well not that I'm any good at it, I tend to put my energy into a more dramatic way of story telling, I role play. Well I used too I haven't done it for sometime . Here's how it goes.

If your walking down the street pick a person or persons couples are often more receptive as each one has the understanding simply by your actions that they actually know you.

Anyhow walk right up to them bold as with a big smile on your face, it only works if you are full of energy, and say HI! gosh I haven't seen you for agese, touch him or her on the shoulder and let out a little laugh, this will make then know that you are friendly.
And without missing a beat go right into remember that party, laugh a little more. You where so funny I loved that dance you did, who was the tall guy/girl you where with never mind looks like your doing well whose this then, gesture to there partner, the idea is to keep talking and they will start nodding and smiling keep it going as long as you feel you can, end with well so good to see you again.

Tip. Have a piece of paper with your number on it (fake) and say here's my number give me a call we'll have a beer sometime got to go see ya.

It's so fun, the people get all confused and some really do remember meeting you, it's a good laugh.
Tip. If you are on a first date try this and then explain to your date after what you have just done. They will either think you're nuts or that you are cool and funny,

Lying is about confidence and it doesn't have to harm anyone.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Remember punk rock

I remember punk rock before it was cool.
I remember punk rock before there where racks of pre-designed clothes.
I remember punk rock when nobody knew what punk rock was.
I remember punk rock before body piercing studios.
I remember punk rock before you could put school plays on based on punk rock.
I remember punk rock before you could go to town on Saturday night and be trendy.
I remember punk rock when just saying fuck on a record would get it band from any radio station.
I remember punk rock when the only men's hair dye was pharmaceutical peroxide and food coloring.
I remember punk rock before extra hold styling gel.
I remember punk rock before the best of albums filled the bargain bins at K Mart.
I remember punk rock.

And now I feel sad for all those retro wanna be punks with there buy one studded belt and get the second one free, how sad we have become that an expression of freedom and individuality can be so comercialised and equally consumed by a generation of youth that long for self expression and recognition only to be handed a blind fold desicised as free spirited self.
And why to I shout out so loud, what has become of the disgruntled youth!
Those youth that have daily organizers and collective colored clothing.
Because I was a punk and I remember now with the cushion of time how we the young hearted
rallied against the classes , marched on parliaments and screamed to the world by way of appearance and songs of disgrace.

Yes I remember how I kicked at suburbanism and at the thought of commercial retail outlets expanding into my neighborhood. I remember well those phony 40 yr old suits in there Volvos and corporate function rooms.

I remember why I hated them all.

But somewhere along the way I forgot, somehow the chants became T-shirt slogans and the marches became organization skills, market stalls became design studios and skateboards became 4x4 tip tronic gas gugglers with extra trim.

Somehow my kids get there cloths with the label on the outside and my Labrador sits in the rear of my station wagon.

Somehow I became the one handing out the blindfold.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Rise and Shine

I had the worst sleep ever, it was cold I had no blanket the night before I was woken by a guy screaming he had seen a ghost, and when I got up well I didn't have to get out of bed because I was sleeping on the floor in the kitchen of a friend's flat.

Everyone had gone off to do there own thing I didn't even hear them leave. The sun was starting to come through the window and of course I was stupid enough to look right into it, so blinded by the sudden blast of light I stumbled around looking for coffee hitting my head on the only cupboard door that was open.
I could feel the throbbing begin and had to steady myself before the next attack from the hot water tap HELLO AND FUCK YOU TOO!
oh yeah this was going to be a great day.

Once I got my shit together I started the next search: nicotine, I smoked about 20 a day then and I remember I needed one that morning ,there was nothing In any of the abandoned packets littering the lounge and my pocketed contents added to about $1.50 not enough but I decided to go to the corner store and try my luck anyhow.

I noticed it was a bit quieter outside than usual maybe it was Sunday I never much bothered with what day it was I didn't have a job or flat of my own no real responsibility all I used to do was get as off my face as humanly possible hence the situation I now found myself in I was only 17 so maybe that explains it.
I got to the shop and the owner was just at the door so I asked him if he would sell me some smokes for $1.50 he looked at me and said in that kind of Indian English accent no I'm sorry but all I have for that amount of money is a pie.
I don't want a pie I want a cigarette, I see your predicament sir but I can not help you, would you like a pie? Fine I said I`ll have the pie.

He came back with the pie handed it out to me, we did the exchange and he promptly shut the door, I looked up at the sign which flapped against the grimmy glass in the door.

My pie was cold.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

choose one

Ever had one of those mornings when the only thing you had to do was pray? what? yeah weird isn't it, well so was this part in my life ...I'd become a born again Christain, believe me it was the strangest thing to have happened to me, most likely the last thing that one would think could happen to me. I used to be a real ass hole 21 yrs old and the previous 6 I had spent on the street or in rehab, you name it I`d more than likely had a go at it. But out of the blue God came along. I'd been estranged from my family and now for some reason they had all gone christian like whats all that about?. So I was sort of pulled into it .

Most likely by my need to be part of the whole family thing not really growing up in one,
I got up did the praize god thing , went to church like 3 times a week, studied the bible and all that stuff. I was ( transformed) ha! I was certainly different.The thing was I really was different, I could pray for people and they would be better, I could see visions of things and they would happen or be a warning for something, I even had a vision of a particular volcano erupting and it did no shit.

My family members are no longer into god as neither am I and I must say for the better.
God and hey choose one because there seems to be an unlimited amount of them.
Well he or she came in handy for a time so religon has to have its value, but now all I see is the blinding or at least the limiting of minds potential by a religon that preaches but lacks the proformance.

And as for all the weird stuff that happend well that's been going on for ever one way or another so if you want to give credit give it to yourself for the remarkable beings we are.
I'm richer for the experience, you only live once so don't get stuck in a revolving door.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Normal life?

If I had all the money back that I've blown on drugs I'd probably have that Porsche I always wanted. I'm not a drug addict simply because I don't do drugs anymore, but if someone offered me a line it would be hard to say no, so one could argue I am still an addict. I think drugs are great, come on don't kid yourself if they weren't no one would take them. I'm talking about the good drugs the A list, I was what was referred to as a candy flipper.. It's when you take E and acid together, throw in some charlie for good measure and welcome to my twisted world. I had and still have friends who hold executive positions who would on a regular basis indulge in weekend party activities, fantastic boat cruises -club nights and house parties. All these people would go off back to there offices and court houses, design studios and network presentation teams to live a normal life in societies eyes. The thing is that there are so many people indulging in this type of past time that there seems to be less of those deemed normal by societies standard out there, hmmm.
I didn't exercise much you know go to the gym and all that. I used to dance instead no doubt helped along by the chemicals slushing around in my blood stream, I'd dance all night and I might add with a hughmungus grin on my face, sometimes I would end up talking to people I had just met for hours and we were the best friends the next time we saw each other, in depth conversations about god knows what I wish I could remember because they always came with buckets of laughter. One night on a boat party a friend of mine was dancing on the roof of this boat having her hands in the air when she caught a sea gull that was flying past purely by accident, what a laugh can you imagine; dancing away with a big grin on your face and then fuck I'm holding a sea gull aarrhh.. well yeah there was a bit of that and then lots of laughing. What a great night...